DMH Americas Proudly Earns FSMSDC Certification

We proudly announce that we have been certified by the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council (FSMSDC). This certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity in business.

At DMH Americas, we firmly believe economic success should have no boundaries. Our vision is to create a world where diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but integral components of thriving businesses. This certification from FSMSDC aligns perfectly with our values and affirms our dedication to championing minority-owned companies.

Our Founder and CEO, Daniela Martucci, expressed their pride in this significant achievement: “At DMH, we have always strived to create an environment where diversity and inclusivity flourish. This certification from FSMSDC reinforces our commitment to fostering equitable opportunities and driving positive change. As a Latin woman, I’m incredibly honored to be part of a business community that values the power of diversity and understands its impact on both individual success and collective prosperity.”

Martucci also highlighted the significant impact of DMH Americas’ multicultural team. “Our journey over the past 12 years has been marked by the deliberate effort to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By assembling this diverse talent, we have cultivated a team that offers a broader perspective and deeper insights into different cultures, preferences, and values. This wealth of perspectives empowers us to deliver innovative solutions.”

FSMSDC has been at the forefront of driving the development and prosperity of minority-owned enterprises throughout Florida for nearly five decades. By connecting corporate and government members with Minority Business Enterprises, FSMSDC promotes equity in business and fosters the growth of inclusive ecosystems.

Through our affiliation with FSMSDC, we aim to strengthen our networks and relationships with minority businesses, corporate partners, and government buyers. These connections will pave the way for building sustainable and successful enterprises that reflect the true diversity of our society.

If you are a minority-owned business, please get in touch to learn more about how we can help each other.

At DMH Americas, we are thrilled to be a part of the FSMSDC

and to work to make a difference!