Brands after COVID-19: a move forward to a more human connection

It’s difficult for people to remember the exact moment the Covid-19 pandemic struck their lives. A sensationalist headline about a market in China eventually expanded into a strange disease. Millions of people infected and deceased, images of crowded hospitals, and strict confinement that practically put a halt in our lives. Although many organizations were already well-suited for home office, there was an adaptation period to place the pieces back together. 

Immediately, brands were affected. The idea of displaying products in a permanent showroom was no longer feasible in the new reality. Under these conditions, consumers needed a different way of engaging with brands. This trend is what we called humanization, which is giving values, interests, and perspectives to your brands, even having a say in the social debates of the present. 

The year 2020 was probably the end of the significant reduction of neutral brands. Extended confinement would mean less activity on the streets. Still, inside closed doors, people started rethinking topics such as the role of minorities in society and the need to discover businesses with a unique perspective. Brands that rely on simple commercial transactions for items or services had to place themselves in an entirely unusual position of vulnerability and honesty to determine how to handle these topics.

A survey conducted by Fast Company found that 75% of purchases are driven by emotion, so this trend is not likely to stop anytime soon. Customers need to know the purpose of brands. By understanding the reason behind the product or service we buy we will feel better about our decisions.

If you are wondering what human brands do and think, here are ten characteristics according to Social Media Today blog:

  • Care about humans
  • Think, listen and talk like humans
  • Show their human side
  • Have a personality
  • Make mistakes and correct them
  • Know themselves and their audiences
  • Value relationships
  • Invest in people
  • Are available
  • Evolve with confidence and agility

Connecting with a company that shows empathy is a more straightforward choice because they let them relate, be heard, and be part of the same story. Human brands provide consumers with a different and empathetic experience, especially in this “new normal.” Brands with a human touch are unique, relevant, and unforgettable. What are you waiting for to transform your brand into a more human one?


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