10 Podcasts for Digital Marketers

Podcasting market analysis reveals a growth of 27.8% by 2032. North America dominates the global podcasting market, with 40.6% SOM. The region has seen significant investments in the podcasting industry, with media companies acquiring podcast networks and investing in original content.

Why is it growing so fast? Here are some factors explaining the growth of the podcasting industry:

  1. Accessibility: As a free and convenient way to consume information, If you want to study a new topic or improve your current skills, you can do it anywhere you are. Podcasts are easy to fit into your daily routine. If you have a task that requires little attention, you can listen to a podcast while performing it.
  2. Huge variety: While TV, radio, and streaming music services are primarily for entertainment, podcasts offer a great medium for professional and personal education from the best actors in the industry. You can get information on anything you want to discover or implement in your life.
  3. Increasing awareness & adoption: The number of podcast listeners is increasing. This is driving growth in the industry.
  4. Technology advance: Easier distribution platforms, new production tools, and better audio equipment make it more affordable for individuals & organizations to create & distribute high-quality podcasts.
  5. Advertisers and monetization: Since the podcasting industry continues to grow, more marketers are recognizing the potential of podcasts as an advertising platform, leading to more investment and driving the market’s growth.

Although most people still listen to audio-only podcasts, video podcast is rising. This is partly due to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which make it easy to watch video content. As more people consume video content on their phones, it stands to reason that video podcasts will continue to grow in popularity.

We have compiled 1o of the most helpful podcasts on digital marketing professionals.





Interest in starting a podcast for your business? Tell us more about it to develop a strategy together. Combining podcasts with blog posts, social media, digital events, ads, and the right marketing tool for your type of audience can make it grow significantly.

SOURCE: Market.US and Admiral