Celebrating with you 10 years in the making

We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary with a new image full of color. As a Hispanic-led business with a multicultural team, we are proud to celebrate this milestone just in time for the Hispanic Heritage month. More than 25 major brands have trusted on us all these years and now we are going after new achievements. 

Founded in 2010 by journalist and entrepreneur Daniela Martucci, DMH is the culmination of years of a multi-cultural education living in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and the US plus the professional experience gained working in broadcast news organizations, global public relations agencies and ultimately a life-long goal for Martucci. 

That goal is a reality today: DMH is an integrated communications agency that services both the United States and the Latin American Region. Through the combination of digital marketing, public relations, content, direct marketing, social media and beyond, DMH strives to ensure the design of creative and effective ideas, that connect with the people, and ultimately deliver an experience.

We have worked with over 25 major brands, including Cisco, Pioneer, FIBA, PanAm, gA, Novartis and Medtronic, to name a few, serving industries such as technology, finance, pharma, real estate, retail, telecommunications, and tourism.

“As marketing communications evolved due to technology, the 2.0 boom and the democratization of information, I watched as my clients had different agencies for PR, social media and digital marketing services.  It was 2009 when I decided to combine multiple communication disciplines by founding an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency, assuring clients that all their communications efforts would be under the same strategic guideline and all the initiatives orchestrated, alongside the analytics and commercial intelligence we need to ensure delivering success“, said our CEO, Daniela Martucci.

DMH brings together some of the industry’s top professionals from across the region who have more than 70 years of combined experience in advertising, crisis communications, branding, web development, digital marketing, social media, and public relations. 

To celebrate this milestone, DMH’s Director of Operations, Gizzella Bruck, brand and communications professional, with 25 years of experience and former Young & Rubicam, communications trainer, commanded a brand strategic revamp to capitalize on the agency’s creativity and services. Gizzella and a multidisciplinary team developed a new, fresh, image for DMH enhancing communications products to combine strategic tools and analytics with impactful content. 

Mairim Gomez is leading the content creation, while Marisol Hernández, alongside Catalina Saldarriaga oversee Account Management and Brand Development. Victor Melo oversees the communications initiatives results through Strategic Media Resources and together, they lead a team of 16 talented journalists, copywriters, multimedia designers, producers, and online developers.  With an inhouse design and programming team and strategic partnerships throughout the region, DMH Americas is an all-encompassing, creative communications tank, equipped to deliver proven results and turn ideas into experiences.