Instagram’s versatility in 2023

With its constant changes, instagram shows us how versatile a tool as powerful as today’s social networks can be; the way it adapts to the demands keeps its users attentive daily.

Part of the most recent changes include:

  • Instagram’s algorithm for Reels: it’s the most important update this 2023, and the bet is 100% on Instagram Reels. So, you should make sure that:
    • Your content is poste at 9:16
    • The duration is 30 seconds or less
    • Your content is fast, engaging, and entertaining.
  • Instagram’s algorithm for Instagram Stories: it depends on interactions like:
    • Direct Messages (DMs): does a user see your story and respond?
    • Profile clicks: does a user click on your profile to see more of your content after viewing a story?
    • Finished or skipped: Did your user view your Stories in their entirety, or did they get bored and skip to the next one?
  • Instagram’s algorithm for the feed: this is the home of the platform; it considers other signals to determine what takes precedence at the top:
    • Who made the post: is it someone you engage with often? Does it have a lot of engaged followers? Does it regularly produce quality content?
    • Information about the post: Is the content an image or a video? If it’s a video, how long is it? What time was it posted? Are you watching the content on your phone or computer? Is there a location associated with the post?
    • Your activity: what type of content have you viewed and which ones have you interacted with in the past? How likely are you to leave a comment?

The overall purpose of Instagram’s algorithm is to keep people engaged; the more users are happy and continue to browse the platform, the better for business. If your content meets that goal for Instagram, chances are the algorithm will favor you.