How the marriage between Millennials and Generation X will benefit your communications strategy

So how can you find that perfect harmony for your team? 

Millennials and Generation Xers don’t always see eye to eye. Millennials think the previous generation is old fashioned and out of tune with the ever-changing landscape of smartphones and social media. Generation Xer’s consider that the younger generation are incompetent and have bad work ethic. 

What they both fail to see, is that their combination in the workplace is equal to a “perfect marriage”. Generation X employees are experienced and methodic. They provide the knowledge base and connections to bring a strategy to life. They represent continuity and expertise.

Millennials, on the other hand, have an innate skillset with computers and social media that is important because it is the future of communications and marketing. Millennials are the future of communications and one day will be our industry’s leaders. They represent our optimism and they think outside the box, they can see things differently and creatively. 

The problem solving and managerial skills of the Generation X’ers combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Millennials can help propel a communications strategy to the next level. Incorporating creative visions, alternate tools and new tactics developed in social media and pairing them with the strategic focus and marcomm plan is a platform straight to success. 

At DMH Americas we believe this is one of the reasons our campaigns are so successful. At the office we stress this collaborative spirit and exchange of ideas between our employees. Give every generation a chance to speak, because each of their unique perspectives can help you reach a new audience and take your communications strategy to the next level.