Managing Director

Daniela Martucci is a communications professional specializing in integrated marketing communications.

Her experience includes managing regional communications, public relations strategies and marketing campaigns for clients including Pioneer Latin America and Cisco Systems (CANSAC region), Pan Am International Flight Academy, financial organizations such as FIBA and FELABAN and non profit organizations like Miami’s Chapman Partnership, amongst others. Daniela is a member of the Chapman partnership Womanade Committee and makes regular contributions to US Hispanic newspaper, El Nuevo Herald.

Throughout her career Daniela has participated in the management and execution of accounts in the luxury, real estate and entertainment industries both locally and regionally. Daniela´s experience includes working as an external communications manager for issues management and litigation communications for Chevron Corp in Latin America. In the healthcare field Daniela has vast experience managing accounts such as pharmaceuticals Bayer (including leading brands YazPlus® and Xarelto®), Roche, leading an advocacy project on biotechnology and AstraZeneca coordinating medical advisory boards and patient with diabetes education programs.

With over fifteen years of hands on experience Mrs. Martucci has held significant prior roles of responsibility across a range of PR and communications disciplines including TV production and investigative journalism. Daniela worked as a Manager for Newlink Communications and Edelman, in charge of regional accounts in the public affairs, consumer and healthcare divisions for over seven years. She began in corporate communications working for Venezuela´s Fleishman Hillard affiliate, Asesorac. She has developed and led professional teams, pioneered in the audiovisual and social media corporate movement initializing corporations such as RIM, Oracle and Pioneer Latam´s groups with extraordinary proven outcomes.

Early in her career, Daniela contributed to a Venezuelan newspaper, later honored with a National Alternative Journalism Prize. She then joined the production crew for the news department in Venevisión, in charge of assisting the production of live newscasts, opinion segments and interviews with prestigious personalities such as Nobel Peace Prize winners Mikhail Gorbachev and Oscar Arias.

Daniela has a B.A. in Communications with specialization in Broadcast Journalism and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She was educated in American schools in both Argentina and Brazil for over 15 years.

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Manager of Operations

Gizzella Bruck is a dynamic and analytical leader with more than 20 years of success growing in roles with increasing responsibility for strategic planning, brand management, marketing communications and client success in highly competitive environments.

Gizzella has focused her career on the creation and development and of research projects, consumer behavior and brand strategic planning, as well as the design of integrated communication programs for local, regional and global brands ta\\at WPP Group. Gizzella´s experience includes strategic planning, marketing research, client services, agency operations and advisory for most of the consumer goods categories such as food and beverages, financial services, health and personal care, beauty, technology, telecommunications, automotive, home care, tourism and hospitality, luxury, fast food, education and training, entertainment, newspapers and editorial, among others.

She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a major in Marketing and Advertising. Gizzella also is a graduated trainer in Dale Carnegie Training and applies her expertise to train professionals in the art of presenting and selling business ideas.

VP of Corporate and Business Development

Marisol is the kind of professional anyone would want on their team; she brings the perfect blend of experience in the public and private sectors, corporate and agency life, spanning across various cities that include Lima, Washington D.C. and Miami.

Working with fan favorites such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds and governmental entities such as the Organization of American States and Peru´sTourism Promotion office, she has a unique ability to see things through her own one-of-a-kind keen eye and when she sheds her own light on challenges and opportunities, she inevitably ends up maximizing results for the clients.

She holds a master’s degree in International Studies from Erasmus University in The Hague, Netherlands and a bachelor’s degree in Communications  from the University of Lima, Peru.

Core Competencies: Corporate Communication, Event Management and Public Relations.

Senior Account Manager

A journalist by conviction, dedication and inheritances, Mairim Gómez Cañas has over 15 years of experience in recognized print, audiovisual and online media including Venezuela’s Globovision News TV Channel, daily national newspaper El Nacional,, the renowned PR and Ad Magazine PRODUCTO and the well-known news blog www.lapatilla.com , as a correspondent for the Florida Hispanic audiences.

She is an accomplished journalism, PR, copy-editing, and social media specialist with experience in news writing, media production, photo edition and community management, with an extraordinary knowledge in Spanish language spelling, punctuation, and syntax.

Throughout her 11 years working for Globovision Network she accumulated experience in news writing, script development, media coordination, in house and field production for newscasts, diverse editorial television segments and digital content development, as well as in the planning and execution of special coverage reports.

Mairim has extensive experience in public relations and media affairs. Among the clients she has managed as a consultant and a journalist are the Santa Barbara Airlines In-flight magazine SBA Report, the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Mercado de Dinero USA, Vista Magazine Online, Pioneer Latin America, Florida International Banking Association, Stambul Construction USA, The Langford Hotel, In Extremo Media Group, Maximized Living Nutrition and Sunflower Publishing, among others.

Mairim holds a bachelor’s degree in communications specializing in print journalism and recently completed Studies in Social Media from the The Knight Center for Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

Senior Account Executive

Catalina Saldarriaga is a brand and marketing executive with extensive involvement in digital marketing and influencer relations. Catalina is experienced in integrated, multicultural communications with a concentration in design and aesthetics.

Catalina is highly detailed, strategic, and driven and fluent in Spanish and English. At DMH, Catalina oversees Public Relations and Marketing campaigns, social media and digital marketing strategies, and executes 360 communications strategies for corporations and individuals aligned with their established business goals. Having worked for some Hispanic influencers, Catalina is in charge of leading influencer marketing practices within the company.

Formerly, Catalina was in charge of the top model Jenny Lopez brand including contract negotiation, coordination and the growth and exposure of her as a brand internationally. She began her career working for the oil industry through Trayectoria Oil & Gas and later transitioned to the marketing division.

Her professional experience includes working with brands like Sweet Pea, Onda de Mar and Jenny Lopez and collaborating with the personal branding of celebrity influencers such as Johana Clavel, Isabel Molero, Karen Martinez and Lorena Faridas.

Social Media Strategist and Content Developer

Victor David Melo is a communications professional specialist in digital journalism, brings more than 13 years of experience in social media to his position. He was part of the editorial team of El Universal newspaper in Venezuela and later worked as the information coordinator for El Nacional sports section in the same country. Earlier in his career, he worked for La Voz newspaper, covering politics, events, community, and sports. He produced radio programs for Ateneo 100.7 FM, and was a contributing writter to airline publications Aserca Report and SBA Report, as well as online portals elestimulo.com, 90min and 12up.

Victor has extensive and impressive experience with the two most important print journals in Venezuela, with credits that include news coverage, reports, chronicles and opinion pieces of high relevance. His work here subsequently earned him the respect and credibility necessary to assume leadership roles in El Nacional. In this capacity, he was in charge of assigning editorial guidelines to the group under his direction, and editing and prioritizing daily content for both the print and digital versions.

Throughout his career, Víctor has not only demonstrated talent and creativity to fulfill his responsibilities in a high-pressure environment, he has also demonstrated a great capacity for adapting to difficulties, and the ability to motivate other professionals to achieve better team performance.

In recognition of his skill and talent for writing, Victor was invited to pen the epilogue for “”Luis Salazar, el hombre con la voluntad de hierro”, a book written by Omar Suarez Pieters in 2011. In addition, Victor’s narrative elaborating on the perfect game of Felix Hernandez, written for the newspaper El Universal, was selected to be published in “70 años de hazañas deportivas”, a book edited jointly by the Editorial Group Cyngular and Banesco Banco Universal, and curated by Cristóbal Guerra.

Victor’s achievements extend beyond the field of sports journalism. He was in charge of the social network unit for PRODU, building a strong community around the brand, and successfully increasing interaction with senior television and advertising executives in the United States and Latin America. Additionally – for the same company – he wrote news articles, conducted interviews and hierarchized the information in the OTT / VOD source.

At DMH & Associates Communications, Victor has been responsible for designing strategies and developing content for social networks of various clients; using his ability to edit videos and slideshows. He has also been in charge of writing press releases, translations, marketing and PR efforts for companies such as Epelboim Development Group, FIBA, AxiomSL, gA, Cisco, Pan Am, Pioneer and ExpoCredit.

Communications consultant

A communications professional whose experience in journalism dates back more than 15 years, working in several media outlets of great importance in Venezuela. Daniela graduated from Santa Maria University in Caracas, Venezuela with a bachelors in Communications including a specialization in broadcast and investigative journalism. Her first assignments as a reporter were executed for a regional newspaper titled La Voz, chronicling the murders of one of the largest poverty stricken neighborhoods in Latin America, Petare.

Daniela served as head of the Breaking News Section for El Nacional national newspaper, Venezuela’s most significant national newspaper.

Daniela quickly accumulated experience in digital journalism, as she was part of the team of one of the most important economic portals in Venezuela, El Mundo Economía y Negocios. She was then called to be part of El Estímulo, one of the most innovative and highly relevant alternative media in a country silenced by censorship. Simultaneously, she served as editorial coordinator of Amigos, the monthly magazine published by top financial institution Banco Occidental de Descuento, where she served as copywriter and editor.

With her digital experience Nougues quickly developed skills in the strategic elaboration and roll out for corporate and media social platforms as she was in charge of managing this for the several portals she was a part of. Passionate about the tools offered by communication technologies to boost projects, she became a freelance community manager for different brands, businesses and shops and has also managed social media platforms for important leaders and political parties in Venezuela.

Daniela´s career experience also includes broadcast production as she was part of the production team for Venevision´s top rated morning show, Portadas, which was broadcast live. She is also a speaker and host certified by the National Association of Journalists of Venezuela.


Dr. Albar Martucci, MD is an endocrinologist and former (retired) CEO of MSD, a multinational pharmaceutical for Latin America. He currently acts as Medical Director for an 80-inpatient hospital located in Caracas Venezuela and also works as a consultant in the medical and bioethics fields.

His corporate career in MSD began in 1983 when he he joined Merck Sharp & Dohme of Venezuela as Medical Director and continued his career there for over 30 years acting as Marketing Director, Operations Director and ultimately Managing Director. Albar Martucci was transferred to Buenos Aires, Argentina and relocated to Brazil as Managing Director for the mentioned pharmaceutical company.

Earlier in his career he was dedicated to the academic world where we acted as an Associate Professor of Pathophysiology at the Medical Faculty of the Venezuelan Central University and held private practice.

Thought his career at MSD he participated in organizing seminars, and monitoring of Clinical Trials second and third phased, that includes the monitoring of Crixivan in second phase (for the treatment of AIDS).

Dr. Martucci is a physician graduated at the Venezuela Central University and has a Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto.

Head of Creative and Web Design

Graduated from the Caracas Institute of Design in 2000, Leonardo began his career as an industrial designer in the PGP Advertising Agency. Leo has participated in the makeover for prestigious institutions such as Banco de Venezuela Grupo Santander, B.O.D., Movistar, and Bancaribe.

In 2003, motivated by his passion for the marketing field, he received a degree in advertising. In the same year he decided to travel to London, England, where he explored the field of Graphic Design, and Freelance work. His work, studies, and experience was good enough to make him a prominent member of the group in charge of making over the global image of the English real estate company, Colin Bibra.

Back in his hometown, Caracas, he obtained the position of Creative Manager in a merchandising agency named Creative Platform. His work included developing new products and brands for companies like Wolkswagen, BMW, Bancrecer, Excelsior Gamma and Puma.

In 2004, he decided to create “La Metra Comunicaciones” a creative boutique specializing in Graphic, Industrial & Web Design. Famous brands and companies like INELECTRA, Coca-Cola, Banco Canarias, Cargill, Plum Rose and Labs Vargas, and others were part of this initiative and became clients of “La Metra Comunicaciones”.

In 2009, Leo simultaneously obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management from Preston University and a degree in Corporate Strategic Communications at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

Later that year, moved by the passion to restore the democratic system in Venezuela, he decided to get involved in the political communications field, and became a part of the founding members of the Venezuelan political party, Voluntad Popular, where he held the position of National Coordinator of Internal Communications, and years later a National Director of Creative Communications. His most recent work as a member of the party was the coordination of the team in charge of developing the national campaign for 33 candidates in different municipalities of Venezuela during the election that year. His campaigns helped the opposition to obtain victory in 18 cities.

In 2012, Leonardo Trechi was recognized for the Iberoamerican Contest: Electoral Campaign (Promesas Electorales) obtaining the first place in the category of designing a Grassroots Strategy in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2014, thanks to the creation and development of a Social Media strategy to support the opposition unit candidates in Venezuelan municipal elections of 2013, he was award winner of the International recognition “Victory Awards” by Social Media Policy Strategy of the Year in Washington, DC. USA.

Senior PR Associate

Isabel is a public relations consultant with over 5 years of experience in public relations, crisis communications and social media. She helps develop full circle PR strategies, assists in issues management, drafts and edits speeches, press releases, media advisories, internal communications and develops social media strategies.

Isabel has worked managing crisis and developing public affairs campaigns for banks, ports, mining companies and oil giants including Chevron. She led and contributed to public relations campaigns that have won a PRSA Silver Anvil, a CASE national award and PRSA Sunshine District’s Radiance Award and forms a part of the Hispanic Public Relations Association.

Sophia de Flammineis
Account Coordinator

Sophia de Flammineis is an International Business and Marketing Graduate from Florida International University with a passion for innovation, writing and creating. Working alongside DMH, she has gained expertise in logistics, innovation, engagement and development working with top brands of the agency such as: Cisco, AMN Distributors, Pan Am International Flight Academy, and the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA).

Previously Sophia worked for FIU in the StartUp FIU initiative as a student assistant helping with marketing, surveys, event organization and procurement initiatives. Another one of her previous professional roles was at a medical startup called In2itive Interventions where she was in charge of Business development and all marketing and social media activities.

Sophia is an advocate for community engagement collaborating with doctors aiding and educating low-income communities about cardiovascular health in Venezuela. In a prior role, she assisted in the increasing of revenue for The Children’s League Foundation co-organizing rally’s and community engagement for 5 a year period to benefit underprivileged children, resulting in 1.5K participation.

She also co-organized and raised money for ANAPACE to increase awareness about required attention and needs for infants experiencing brain paralysis. Furthermore, Sophia volunteered with the special Olympics encouraging and building relationships with individuals with disabilities to develop good physical fitness, and experience joy.

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Media Relations Specialist

Nancy Correa es comunicadora social y periodista con amplio conocimiento y experiencia en el manejo de medios del mercado hispano tanto en Latinoamérica como en los Estados Unidos. Los últimos 10 años ha trabajado en relaciones públicas desarrollando ambiciosos proyectos en esta área tanto para agencias de comunicaciones en los Estados Unidos como para entidades sin ánimo de lucro.

Durante sus experiencia profesional se ha desempeñado liderando importantes proyectos en áreas tales como turismo, banca, negocios, salud y entretenimiento a través de reconocidas agencias de comunicaciones y relaciones públicas.

Ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar en PR para destacadas entidades y empresas tales como la Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), FELABAN, Wachowia Bank, Xoom, Latin Trade- Premios Bravo, La Cumbre, Discovery, el gobierno de República Dominicana y DHL entre otros.

Su destreza y conocimiento de los medios hispanos le ha permitido además de lograr importantes hits en los medios más destacados de estos mercados, manejar de manera exitosa la imagen de empresas en situaciones de conflicto.

Nancy se considera como una apasiona por su profesión y convencida de que el manejo de la imagen ante los medios de comunicación es un factor determinante en el éxito o fracaso de una gestión.

Clarice MacGarvey
Senior Content Director

Clarice is a seasoned marketing communications/PR professional and business consultant with special expertise in Latin American, U.S. Hispanic and multicultural markets. Her background and experience span a broad spectrum of industry segments and includes work for national and international corporations and not-for-profit organizations. A strategic thinker and creative problem solver, her skill sets include conceptual planning, project management, media relations, public affairs, brand development, crisis management, product launch and grass roots/cause related marketing.

Clarice has a breadth of expertise as a strategic planner and content writer, developing programs and communications materials for global category leaders. Brand experience includes: Kraft Latin America; Oracle Latin America; Cisco Latin America (corporate videos); Clorox Latin America (new product launch/brand identity);Citi Latin America; Latin American Bankers Association; Bacardi/Dewar’s (new product launch); Delicias Latinas (new brand launch); Entenmann’s (CSR program development); Great Florida Bank (annual reports); Mexico Tourism (newsletters/crisis management); Aeromexico; Johnson & Johnson Latin America (international sales meetings multimedia) to name a few. She also assisted in developing communication materials and internal public relations strategy/materials for the world’s largest McDonald’s franchise.

Her expertise includes crafting opinion pieces and by-lined articles for business and government leaders. Now adding “new media” capabilities to her toolbox, she develops and administers social media campaigns for clients. Successfully leveraging social media, she helped sway public opinion and lawmakers in Florida regarding impending legislation, and also generated fun and good times for a Caribbean beer brand.

As a campaign director, she directed the successful launch of Nueva Cocina Foods, the first healthful, gourmet Latin food brand in the U.S., as well as the launch of Truecount RFID and other start-ups. She also directed five successful campaigns for The Americas Food & Beverage Show, the largest Latin-focused F&B event in the hemisphere– -doubling and then tripling international attendance and revenues.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Clarice was Director of Public Relations for an interactive ad agency during the dot-com boom, executing campaigns for agency clients including America Rents and AmericaEconomia. She also designed and created a signature electronic event to showcase Latin American artists, Arte of the Americas.

Before entering marketing communications/PR, Clarice worked in video production and as a journalist. She majored in English Literature with master-level film studies and writing courses at Fairfield University and the University of Miami.


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