We are a group consisting of specialized journalists trained in digital, social media and networks, constantly developing language, updating, writing and engaging in best practices in direct association with all other communications and marketing activities.


We believe content development is the axis driving any communications strategy or campaign. This is why it is essential to unify the identity of a corporation. Key messages are those statements that capture the essence of a business, individual or organization and are transmitted effectively, shaping the audience´s perception and directly contributing to fulfilling the professional objectives. At DMH we work to develop content that will design a perception and deliver a desired message.


Through this practice, we at DMH seek to position a person, brand or organization by highlighting their knowledge and expertise publicly making them a point of reference in the subject and consequently brand or market leaders.


Analyzing the best social media channels to distribute your message is in our nature. We build your social media network profile, and work consistently to build and grow your follower base and interactions. This includes tailoring your messages, scheduling and programming - supported by and end of month report analyzing success rate.

Website: Design of look & feel, as well as programming and management of your website for traditional desktop and mobile access.